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Sunshine Parenting

May 25, 2018

A lot of what I teach is helping parents understand their children as people. The best way to be happy in your parenting is to recognize that your child is a person and to respect them and expect that respect in return.

-Karen Lock Kolp


In Episode 38, I have a fun chat with Karen Lock Kolp, M.Ed. of the We Turned Out...

May 11, 2018

"It soon hit me that all of the best parenting classes in the world are not going to work if you – the mother – are feeling stressed out, unsupported, overwhelmed or aren’t taking care of yourself properly. When some parts of your life are not running smoothly, it has a knock on effect on everything else."


May 4, 2018

"It seems like we have a lot more patience as a family for each other."

"We noticed that he started sleeping better. His personality shifted. He wasn't nervous all the time. He was just that kid that was always active, always moving, always really nervous, and when we removed that piece from the equation, we didn't know...