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Sunshine Parenting

Jul 27, 2018

For this episode of the Podcast, I talked with five 17-year-old Junior Counselors who've been going to camp for a long time: Will (10th year); Jackson (7th year); Caroline (7th year); Blake (6th year); and Quinn (3rd year).

Below are some quotes from our talk.

How have you changed or grown because of your time...

Jul 20, 2018

In Episode 46, I chat with Tom Rosenberg, CEO of the American Camp Association about summer camp, accreditation, and #CampKindnessDay.

Big Ideas

  • #CampKindnessDay
  • Partnering with Kindness Evolution to promote #CampKindnessDay.
  • Empathy and kindness need to be taught
  • Practicing Kindness at Home
  • The Importance of...

Jul 13, 2018

It’s much more than getting you into college. It’s more about asking questions that we don’t ask kids early enough and if we did, it might help them navigate some of the tough parts of being a teen or tween in the US today.

-Ana Homayoun

In Episode 45, I talk with Ana Homayoun, a nationally recognized counselor...

Jul 6, 2018

So many times as parents we get caught in our ego about what level my kid should be or how good they are, what team they're on, and 'if they're on this team, it must mean I'm a good parent.' It has nothing to do with your parenting skills!
-Kirsten Jones

In this episode of the podcast, I'm talking with Kirsten Jones,...