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Sunshine Parenting

Aug 24, 2018

"Chores give children a sense of purpose and accomplishment."
-Dr. Jim Sears

In Episode 51, I'm chatting with my long-time friend and camp colleague, Dr. Jim Sears. I've known him as Camp Doctor  "Bones" for the past 14 years, but he is better known by his patients at his family's pediatric practice as "Dr. Jim."


Aug 17, 2018

In Episode 50, I chat with K.J. Dell'Antonia, author of How to be a Happier Parent: Raising a Family, Having a Life, and Loving (Almost) Every Minute.

From KJ's website:

I believe each of us is responsible for our own happiness.
I believe happier parents are better parents and better people.
I believe family should be...

Aug 10, 2018

In Episode 49, I'm chatting with Michelle Kinder, Executive Director of the Momentous Institute in Dallas, Texas.

Michelle has worked in the field of children's mental health for more than 20 years and is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She graduated from Baylor University with a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts...

Aug 3, 2018

Something I always talk about is the parent child relationship.
It is so important, especially at this age.

Reid Broudy

Reid Broudy is a rising senior who attends Wildwood School in Los Angeles. Reid has been coming to Gold Arrow Camp since 2014 and recently completed the Junior Counselor program. His camp nickname is...